Blessed and Cursed Alike
Some cities are not what they seem

A city where magic can lead to murder. A company of adrenaline-addicted motorcycle couriers. A dark occult conspiracy. These threads converge in Blessed and Cursed Alike, an occult murder mystery set in a mythic urban landscape. The couriers’ fast and hard lifestyles collide with a brutal post-colonial legacy, all while unseen forces pursue their own agendas.

The taxi stopped at a red light and the driver leaned back over the seat. “Don’t you listen to the radio, man? This is the fifth body been found in six months. That’s some serial killer shit if you ask me.”

“People get murdered, doesn’t mean it’s a serial killer.”

“I figured it out. All of them have been dumped on the full moon. Some serious weird shit going on, man.” The driver nodded as the traffic began to move again. In front of the taxi, the 53 bus belched a cloud of exhaust and changed lanes.

“Full moon will be in another week, on the thirtieth.”

“Damn, you sure?” The driver thumped his hands on the wheel. “Man, this city just loves coming up with new ways of killing folks.”

  • "Air whispering around glass edges in the early night. The rumble of justified acceleration and pure fiery distilled heart. Headfirst at top speed into new territory and seeing all the old tread and markers of those who passed before as you zip by careening for the future. Blessed and Cursed Alike is a trajectory through magic and loss, a map of significance and hope."

    -Travis Hedge Coke, Editor of Future Earth Magazine
  • "A cracking blend of motorbike thrills, real magic, dark New World Celtic legacies, and emotional intimacies that are genuinely moving."

  • "Blessed and Cursed Alike is a gorgeous, gritty novel, filled with unique characters, vivid description, and a plot that will keep you reading through the night."

    - Amazon Customer review
  • "Blessed and Cursed Alike is a fast-paced, edgy urban fantasy with an occult mystery at its heart. Who is killing off the city's most vulnerable residents, and why? I was immediately drawn into this world of shadows and desperation."

    -Nikki Starcat Shields, author of Cultivating Self-Love: Your Path to Wholeness
  • "Boyd has done something striking with Blessed and Cursed Alike; created a book that's both a mystery novel and a Mystery novel."

    -Grant Balfour
  • "Mix a group of adrenalin junkie motorcycle couriers, an ancient curse and a dash of magic. This book was a delight to read. The world, not quite ours, but close, is rich and beautifully built, with a history and mythology that underlies and permeates the story without ever overshadowing the characters. The dialogue is quick and cutting, the prose has brutal beauty that is very hard to do well. This book treats its characters with the respect they deserve, and deals with lifestyle and sex and death and faith in a way that is honest and unflinching but never pedantic. The threads of plot are carefully woven, but take time to come together. My advice is be patient, let the characters carry you along and enjoy the ride. It's worth it."

    -Patrick Leclerc author of Out of Nowhere

About the Author

Kiarna Boyd is a practicing Geomancer, a certified Permaculture Designer, and a Systems Administrator. Kiarna received her BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston. While developing her style of performance art and storytelling at the SMFA, she also studied Celtic Literature and Languages at Harvard University Extension School. She is a founding trustee of Liminal Nation, an international online community of esoteric researchers and practitioners of magic.

Her debut novel is inspired by film noir and a real world approach to magic.